Blog Types And Their Uses

Blog Types
Blog Types

The word Blog is a shot form for Web Log. There are different types of Blogs. The common ones are personal blog, corporate blog, and question blog (also known as Qblog). The most popular of the blog types is the Personal Blog. It mainly acts like an online diary for a person. It also helps to start off a conversation about any subject online. These blogs are mainly for the satisfaction of the author.

The other kind of Blog is the Corporate Blog. These types of blogs have two main uses: either it is used internally in the corporation for employee communication or externally as a means of marketing or advertising. These are mainly used by businesses.

Question Blogs are also known as QBlogs. They act as a useful outreach. Questions can be submitted to these blogs through a forum type basis. Once the questions are posted, other people may contribute to the blog in order to answer the original person’s questions.

Blogs need not be text based only. It can include many things like sketches (sketchblog), photos (photoblog), videos (vlog). It can also use a combination of different type of media. This kind of a blog is called a Tumblelog.

There are many uses of blogs but the main use is to act like a record for the changing content of a website. A browser that is interested in your website can subscribe to your blog. The browser will then get notifications of any changes. This helps to drive traffic to your site. There are other uses of a blog as well.

Blogs can be used for advertisements. Another common use is that of an article site. The advantage of these two forms is that it lets the author to post freely, without any restriction of content. However, it can get a little difficult to maintain these kinds of blogs. A blog with too many advertisements will attract lesser subscribers.

Blogs also act as low key forums. If the author gives permissions, other people can post comments about the information that they read on the blog. These kinds of blogs attract a lot of users and generate a large amount of traffic.

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