The Importance of a Good Domain Name

Good Domain Name
Good Domain Name

How important is a good domain name? The task of finding one of the best domain names for domain registration is a challenging one but an important one for sure. Besides being helpful identifying yourself it also helps in creating an identity for the organization and effective presence of your organization on the web.

Hence identifying a proper name for the website is vital and accordingly you will have to understand what an excellent domain name is. There are various domain name types like .net domain, .org, .com etc. popularly available. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that the domain name pronunciation should be easy enough.

Avoid Hyphens and Dashes

Before the letters, numbers can certainly be used but dashes and hyphens must be avoided even if these characters are effective enough in separating words or terms. It is difficult for users to find or type out the hyphens and dashes with ease on the keyboard hence they should be avoided. Punching a key that is wrong would lead the user to a site that is completely different or which hardly exists.

The next thing to keep in mind to get domain name that it should be very simple to spell. Already there are thousands of websites and selection of many of the popular words and terms are already made. It is advised that words need to be chosen as per the kind of website you have or products you are selling. Misspelt names or foreign words should be completely avoided.

Shorter Names and URL Usage

If in case the words are misspelled then the traffic will get diverted to another site which will be your loss in turn. If there is a competitor, then make sure that the Uniform Resource Locator or the URL or the address of the site, is not anywhere close or similar to that competitor’s site. You would be losing a lot of your customers to the competitor’s website, actually.

Another problem is that typos could get created if the name or logo is too long. To create a name at least fifty characters are offered by registrars of domain names by providers of website hosting. However a choice up to ten to fifteen characters suffices since typists who are untrained are not able to type so many characters in an error free manner. Hence it is convenient to uses shorter domain names.

Colour Character and Letter Case Usage

Use of colour characters should be avoided as far as possible since on the tool bar of the search engine the colour or the shade does not appear. Letters in capital should not be created since some of the providers of web hosting are sensitive to case. Letters in lower case are best with a combination of numeral digits if at all required.

The .com domain is a domain address that is being used at topmost levels for a large number of websites. A lot of popularity has also being gained by the .org domain name as well. Make the best use of suggestion tools offered by providers of web hosting if at all you are interested in other domain names like .biz, .info etc.

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