Top Domain Name Extensions on Internet

Domain Name Extensions
Domain Name Extensions

The most common domain name extension is “.com”. Ever since this internet came into existence, “.com” has been suffixing a large number of domains. No matter what type of website is, most of the webmasters prefer this extension; this is the reason why .com domain names are more expensive than other extensions.

However, nowadays there are several other domain name extensions available which classify the websites according to its genre and the target location of its services. Therefore, in case you want a domain name that is not available with .com extension, then do not worry, you are having several other options to choose from.

The extension “.com” is in existence and is at the peak since the birth of the internet and no wonder; it is having a huge impression among the internet users. This extension signifies that the website is for commercial use. However, it is not like everyone is aware of these facts about extensions, therefore even for other genre also for example blogs, this extension is used.

And as it is a very common extension, therefore most of the people look around the website with this only. Like if a person only remembers the domain name but not its extension, then there are more chances that he will first of all try name with .com only. This is the reason, why most of the webmasters prefer this extension over others.

As mentioned above, that apart from .com there are several other extensions available. Out of them, the two most famous are .org and .net in web hosting market. These two are slightly near to the .com in terms of fame, and also gets good ranking among search engine results just like .com only. Well it depends on the function of your website to choose which extension. A .net extension determines a network, and the .org extension is the abbreviation for an organization. Therefore selecting these two extensions instead of .com is also good idea.

Another type of extension is regional one, which is based on the location of the service provider whether in terms of country state etc. This extension can represent any website, and apart from that it also determines where the website is hosted. For example: the extension signifies that the website is situated and functioning from India, likewise signify china and indicates United Kingdom. Therefore, the domain name extensions are also a good choice to tell your visitor’s about the website’s location.

Although the extensions are having some significance, but it is not like you can rely on it for the success of your business. The most important part of your domain name is the name of your website. You must choose it with immense care, as this is the part that will determine your website’s online presence.

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