Which Classified Sites to Choose – Paid or Free?

Classified Sites
Classified Sites

In this competitive world, it is quite tough for any business to stay in the market. A strong strategy can help you to achieve success. Among several approaches, one of the main things is how you advertise. It is a very important part as without publicizing your firm, there is no chance of favorable outcome. If you use small online ads then you are taking a very smart decision.

However, there are two types of sites available i.e. paid and unpaid. It is up to you, which website to choose. There are various pros and cons of each one. Let us discuss about some of those:

The Expense

Free sites are completely charge less and there is no hidden cost in them. By searching on some good search engine, you can see a long list of such websites and you can choose any one. If you select such portals, you do not need to take any kind of tension, related to the budget. It is preferred by the company, which cannot afford the traditional commercials. These firms are just new and trying their luck.

Paid sites are expensive and it is hard for many people to go for it. Only big businessmen can opt for it. Lots of facilities are present on such online platforms.

Space Provided

A limited space is given to you for your commercial if the free site is being used. The biggest problem with these websites, they are giving their service on first come first serve basis. If there is no room left, you will have to wait for some days, weeks or even a few months too. It will be problematic for the owner whose business is seasonal.

Imagine you are selling flowers and they are available only in some particular time, it will not be beneficial for you.

Other Things

Additionally, you can use only limited number of images and only some particular colors on costless portals. Many unpaid sites allow only black and white shades for your notice, which makes it more unnoticeable. It affects your notice very badly and you do not get the result, you want.

However, any color can be chosen while getting the assistance of paid alternative. In such a fashion, your commercial can be designed according to you. Plenty of images and videos can be posted and it will help you to attract the potential customer.

Priced sites are good for the big firms or that have bigger income. Though, such portals are expensive but you will get uncountable benefits as well. More is the space occupied by your commercial; higher will be the price you have to pay for it.

Both the options have their own benefits and limitations. It depends on your financial conditions that which options you can choose. If you are living in Mumbai, you can go for Mumbai classified ads. By choosing expensive alternative, uncountable conveniences will be there for you. You should opt for the high-priced option, in case you can afford it.

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